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Bib Collector & Washer

  • 03/09/2024
  • The bib collecter and washer coordinates the collection of bibs at the finish. For YSL races the bib collecter and organizer will also pass out candy to racers after the last run. Bib collecting begins about noon once the second/last race of the day begins and lasts until the race is over. It is also the responsibility of the bib collector and organizer to bring the bag of bibs to the lodge after the race and assist the race administrator with organizing/sorting bibs into team packets for the next days race. The bib collecter and washer is also responsible for taking the bibs home after the last day of racing, washing them, stacking them in numerical order, returning them to the race administrator, and notifying the race administrator which numbers are missing. This must be completed prior to the next posted race. This position is worth 1 day in volunteer credit.
  • Dib Session(s): U14 Super G Series (3/8 - 3/11)
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    Credit issued upon completion.
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  • Joren S
    Libby Siebens
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